Day of Coordination

What is a Day of Coordinator?

“A Bride’s Personal Assistant”
Unlike a wedding planner, a Day of Coordinator is for brides and grooms who want to do most of the planning themselves, but when their wedding day arrives, they want a professional there to make sure the day goes smoothly.

Too often, brides rely on family and friends to help carry out plans on the day of their wedding. By asking a friend or family member to take on this stressful task, that person will not be able to enjoy the event as a guest.


Why do I need a Day of Coordinator?
When you picture your wedding day, do you picture any of these things…
– You and your bridesmaids lighting candles
– Telling the Ushers to start seating your guest
– Helping your 3 year old flower girl get down the aisle right before YOU do
– Making sure your Photo Booth is set up in the right corner of the venue
– Restocking your candy bar at 9pm

I don’t think so! 🙂 … You don’t want to be stressed out about those little things on your big day. We are here to help you, so you and your family can relax and have a perfect time!

• Creating a time line for the wedding day
• Ensures everyone is dressed on time & ready for pictures
• Unlimited hours of service on the wedding day & rehearsal evening
• Manage wedding vendors during the entire day & assist with any problems/questions they may have
• Manage wedding party
• Manage vendor & décor setup at ceremony & reception sites
• Organize & distribute all flowers to wedding party, family members & special guests
• Provide Bridal Emergency Kit – aspirin, energy bars, mints, sewing kit, etc.
• Oversee ushers & guest book attendants
• Make sure the bridal party is looking picture perfect
• Properly line up processional & cue musicians
• Place table names, place cards, favors, toasting glass & serving set per your instructions
• Bustle bride’s gown
• Coordinate entertainment and all announcements/events during reception
• Be prepared to handle any emergency situation that may arise


Here from the brides themselves…

Lindsay’s Obviously Done This Before

“While I designed my own invitations, Lindsay helped me proof and finalize the invites and save the dates. She made sure all the files were sized correctly for a clear print. She printed our save the dates and invitations suites. 

Lindsay also helped with day-of wedding coordination. We met with her a few times, the final meetings being the most helpful. She created an extremely detailed day-of timeline that was incredibly helpful on my wedding day – she had an answer to every, single question that came up on the day. She also met with us on the week of my wedding to look over all of our wedding decorations, guestbook, dinner ware, barware, etc. Lindsay made sure every item had a place and knew where to find them on the day-of.
Lindsay Kooser is a steal! We would have paid her double. She knew all the questions to ask me beforehand in order to make sure I didn’t have to answer any questions on my wedding day.
She’s obviously done this before – she knew what was going to happen before it even happened! She knew how my dress worked, she knew details about my venue, she knew how my Priest worked. She knew it all!
What I didn’t notice, my family and friends said Lindsay never left my side on my wedding day. 
My husband, my parents and my in-laws are extremely thankful for Lindsay’s help. Furthermore, nearly everyone involved in our wedding day noticed Lindsay’s hard work, professionalism and knowledge.”
– Mrs. Kara Rodriguez {Bride – Wedding Date: 11.14.15}



It felt as though I were at someone else’s party!

“If someone thinks they have no need for a wedding coordinator, in hindsight, they definitely do.  And there was so much more involved than I ever thought possible.

Lindsay virtually did everything from coordinating with vendors, keeping a time-line for the day to run smoothly, constantly running between both the bridal and groom parties to keep everything under control, running last-minute errands to get things people needed or had forgotten and virtually making sure that everyone was where they needed to be when they needed to be there.  And no one even really noticed she was there keeping things running smoothly.

I would tell the Mothers of the Brides that you took over everything and I was completely able to just enjoy myself without a worry about anything at all!  It felt as though I were at someone else’s party!  My daughter was not even given a timeline for the day of just so that she did not have to worry about anything (and she didn’t).  I have told everyone who asked about the wedding that everything went off without a hitch!

– Mrs. Kathy Ward (Mother of the Bride – Wedding Date: 12.13.14}

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.59.39 PM
Melissa & Beth Wedding Photography




No one was coming to me asking me questions –
“Leading up to my wedding day, Lindsay was checking in and reminding me what needed taken care of. There are so many aspects to planning a wedding, it was easy to forget little things, but Lindsay was always organized and really kept everything on track.

I had a blast on my wedding day, and that’s because I didn’t have to worry about coordinating anything. No one was coming to me asking me questions or where things were. Instead, my conversations were focused on the guests and enjoying the day. Lindsay showed up at rehearsal and walked through how the ceremony would go. She planned the timing of everything from when the girls needed to be dressed and ready to when the photographer should show up and where. She handed every single member of the wedding party a detailed timeline so everyone knew where they should be and when. Lindsay also helped decorate the church and the reception hall (which we couldn’t get in until the morning of!). She talked to all of my vendors to see what they needed and made sure we had it for them. In the end, Lindsay really handled every aspect of my day (including holding my lip stick and making sure I re-applied before photos!).

 Lindsay knows how to take your ideas and make them happen. She puts everything she has into her work, from invites to coordinating. She has an eye for design, and she is absolutely fantastic to work with. Not only did Lindsay really help me relax and enjoy my wedding day, I know my mother and mother-in-law were able to enjoy the wedding day too because Lindsay was handling the details. In the end the best money spent on my wedding was with Lindsay. Thanks so much for everything! You helped make my wedding day absolutely perfect!” – Mrs. Angela Tenbrink {Wedding Date: 9/27/14}

Angela's Wedding

Ken Doll Photography
Ken Doll Photography




Hire Her! This was hands down one of the best decisions we made!-
“Lindsay is very professional and has an eye for detail. She helped me with figuring out the small details of how wedding day was going to run smoothly. She helped run the rehearsal which was very helpful because our rehearsal did not take all night! Lindsay kept all my vendors on time, made sure the decorations were where they were supposed to be, and kept the bridal party on schedule. She made everything run exceptionally smoothly! I and my mother did not have to worry about a thing.” – Mrs. Karalie Gantz

Karalie Wedding