Kooser Office


My Office:

I run my own virtual franchise business from home, so getting my office ready was the first on the list when we moved into the home. I knew exactly what I wanted! Black and white stripes of course.

I would call Jared and I professional stripe painters. We’ve now painted stripes a total of three times.

My black and white stripes turned out great, but painting, them not so great. 🙁 As we were getting ready to paint, Jared picked up the black can of paint to shake it up! Well…. I had already cracked it open. Black paint poured all over him. Thankfully none got on the floor. Just his shirt, shorts and shoes.

Got my walls painted and curtains hung! I’m obsessed with my office! Thanks for your help babe! 😉

Desk: IKEA
Chairs: Overstock
Curtains: Pier1
Rug: Overstock