Welcome Home

Our Front Door:
Replacing our front door wasn’t really something we wanted to do, we more had to do it. It was just time! So, of course we had some fun with it! We actually had to get our pretty color approved by our HOA! They said “Of course, you can do that! We haven’t updated the three colors options in ten years”. So now our neighbors can pick from Brown, White, Black or Wythe Blue.

I have to give credit to Jared on this one, this was his vision, I of course just helped make it happen!

I’m obsessed with our door and our accent window box that Jared made! We actually bought one from Lowe’s, but it was very LARGE! I liked it, but Jared wanted a smaller look! The conversation went…..

Jared “It’s too BIG babe!”
Lindsay “No it’s not”
Jared “I’ll make one”
Lindsay “ok” 🙄

So he did! We drilled holes in the bottom of it so water can drain out. There are pop cans laying inside of the box to take up space. That way the whole box isn’t filled with heavy pea gravel! My friend Meg told me she uses milk jugs in her larger boxes to fill space! There’s your tip of the day!! 

Paint Color: Benjamin Moore – Wythe Blue
Installers: GreenHome Improvement
Planter Box: Jared Kooser
Kooser Rug: My girl Jessica! Hand Crafted By Hayes