What’s a Baby Shower?

Don’t forget about the other occasions to celebrate a new baby!

Beer & Diaper Party: A more laid back baby shower with just guys or with guys and gals. In this case it’s this mom’s third baby.

Baby Gender Reveal Party: Get your family and friends involved when you find out the gender of your baby! 1. Find out and you surprise your guest or 2. have a best friend find out and then surprise you and all your guest!




Mr. & Mrs. Jones – 12/13/14

It felt as though I were at someone else’s party! –
“If someone thinks they have no need for a wedding coordinator, in hindsight, they definitely do.  And there was so much more involved than I ever thought possible.

Lindsay virtually did everything from coordinating with vendors, keeping a time-line for the day to run smoothly, constantly running between both the bridal and groom parties to keep everything under control, running last-minute errands to get things people needed or had forgotten and virtually making sure that everyone was where they needed to be when they needed to be there.  And no one even really noticed your were there keeping things running smoothly.

 I would tell the Mothers of the Brides that you took over everything and I was completely able to just enjoy myself without a worry about anything at all!  It felt as though I were at someone else’s party!  My daughter was not even given a timeline for the day of just so that she did not have to worry about anything (and she didn’t).  I have told everyone who asked about the wedding that everything went off without a hitch!”  – Mrs. Kathy Ward (Mother of the Bride – Wedding Date: 12/13/14}

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Melissa & Beth Wedding Photography


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Melissa & Beth Wedding Photography


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